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Adult Lessons



You will receive a certified driving instructor who will come and pick you up at home, work, or school (local area only) 

$175 for 2 Hours

(only booked in 2 hr blocks)

Please call (810) 687-2227and leave a message with your name and call-back phone number. We will call you back within one business day to discuss a custom driving plan for your specific needs!

One on One training to strengthen your confidence behind the wheel. Driving lessons are done by certified instructors in cars that have ample student driver signs and are dual controlled with a brake on the passenger side for the safety of everyone. 



All students will be required to have a Michigan Temporary Instructional Permit from Secretary of State prior to driving lessons.

We start with a two hour lesson and will suggest a long term plan based on your skills. 



At the start of the driving lesson we will come and pick you up at home, work, school or wherever's convenient as long as it is somewhere in the Genesee County area.  We will start right out driving, we will have a plan based on our initial phone call. Be honest about skill level, confidence, and work our way up to everything that can be challenging for you. 


Safeway Driving's philosophy is "it doesn't matter how good you are at parking, if you're not a good driver" so we always like to work on driving first and then once the driving is sufficient then move on to parking procedures for the road test.


All students are given homework of driving with their friends and family members for at least 5 - 10 hours between lessons. We find students can work on all of the skills that were worked on during the lesson, and if additional lessons are needed, we can move on to harder more difficult skills and make the most effective use of our time on the road together.

All of our instructors are also familiar with the road test and understand and coach the skills that are involved in the test. We will customize a plan to address your weakness and help you to perfect them and prepare for the road test!

Driving lessons in no way guarantee that you will pass the road test.

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